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Hearts of Love
by Sheila E., 2019

While crafting works for canvas, Sheila E. began to notice that certain rhythms produced heart-like shapes. This intrigued her and she explored these patterns extensively with different colors and stick choices. As a result, Hearts of Love was born. Viewers will note the two toms at the bottom of the canvas, as well as the cymbal on the left side of the visual.

Measuring 30"x 30" on canvas, there are a total of 35 pieces in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Sheila E. and SceneFour. Each piece ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.

• Measures 30”x 30”
• Giclee on canvas
• Edition of 35
• Signed by Sheila E. and SceneFour
• Certificate of Authenticity

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