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Area 51
by Nick Menza, 2016

Throughout the collection's creation, Nick was continually drawn to the faces and figures produced by mirroring rhythms in post production. Area 51 is a prime example of this approach to rhythmic art. Inside the work, viewers will note several dominate alien-like skulls appearing. Nick's fascination with UFO's stretched far beyond this project. He was fascinated by the idea of life on other planets and extraterrestrial visits on earth.

Measuring 14"x 17" on Archival Paper, there are a total of 100 pieces in the edition. All are numbered and have the Menza Estate Signature. Each ships with Authenticity Certificate.

• Measures 14" by 17"
• Giclee on Archival Paper
• Edition of 100
• Numbered and have the Menza Estate Signature
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate